Our Vision is to glorify Jesus Christ by conquering every square inch of creation for Christ's glory.

We believe Jesus Christ is King and all of Creation is part of His kingdom.

Part of our vision is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with every person on the earth. We will start in Miami-Dade County and grow globally. For those that trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and King, we will help them grow to maturity in Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Devil exists and that He hates Jesus Christ and the Church. The Devil wants to destroy Christ and His Church. The Devil wants to destroy individuals, marriages, families and countries.

We believe Christ and His Church are at War with the Devil and all those that follow the Devil. We know that Christ has conquered sin and death. We know that in the Day of Judgment, the Devil and his followers will be cast into Hell forever by Jesus Christ.

We believe God gave mankind the "Cultural Mandate". God gave mankind the responsibility to rule over the earth. All of Creation was made to glorify God. Sin and evil entered the world through the Devil's rebellion to God. Then the Devil tempted Adam and Eve to rebel against God. Adam and Eve rebelled against God and were punished for their rebellion by experiencing physical and spiritual death. Because of our rebellion to God, we are separated from God. God is Holy and hates rebellion.

God showed His mercy to us by providing a plan to redeem us from our rebellion. God sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to come in the flesh as a man, live a sinless life, die on the cross for our sins, taking the punishment for our rebellion. God then raised Jesus Christ from the dead showing His power over sin and death. After His resurrection, Jesus Christ ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God. Jesus Christ is King. All who follow Christ have their relationship with God restored. All who reject Christ are following the Devil. They do not have their sins forgiven and will receive justice from God for their rebellion which will be the eternal damnation of their souls. Those who trust in Jesus Christ as the Savior and King receive mercy. All those that reject Jesus Christ as Savior and King receive Justice for their rebellion.

Because of these truths our vision is to start 100,000 Dominion Church and School campuses throughout the world.